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The Tycoon’s Reluctant Cinderella by Therese Beharrie

Summary: When hotel tour guide Callie McKenzie is trapped in an elevator with a gorgeous stranger, they share a spark of connection so intense that it rocks normally guarded Callie to the core. So she’s horrified to discover afterward that the stranger is Blake Owen, ruthless tycoon and her new boss!

Since his divorce, Blake has steered well clear of relationships, yet Callie’s shy warmth intrigues him. The heartache of her past makes her a woman who deserves a fairy tale, if only Blake will risk his heart and give her everything…


Author Therese Beharrie is a 2017 debut with the Harlequin Romance/Mills & Boon Cherish line. She’s a force when it comes to writing diverse characters, experiences and love stories. I follow her wonderful blog because it’s filled with some darn good advice for writers (especially hopeful Harlequin writers like me). Subscribe to her blog, and consider her newsletter if you live your romance on the sweeter side!

As a remainder from my explanatory post for this series, I’ll be using this post at Publishing Crawl to do my breakdown. I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, but if you haven’t read the book, I’m warning you now (just in case) –

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STORY GOAL: Keep the Elegance Hotel afloat, so that everyone can keep their jobs – their dreams alive.


EXTERNAL GOAL: Help her handsome boss Blake with wooing a potential investor to help keep the hotel chain in Cape Town from laying off employees…maybe even closing.

EXTERNAL MOTIVATION: Save her fellow employees and friends from being laid off from their jobs at the hotel.

EXTERNAL CONFLICT: Even though they’ve managed to bounce back from some of their financial problems, not everything has been ironed out and that’s adding on stress everywhere.

INTERNAL GOAL: Just like she’s landed her dream job, Callie wants a family of her own some day.

INTERNAL MOTIVATION: She knows how uplifting, how much of a blessing family can be.

INTERNAL CONFLICT: Protecting her heart from being hurt again is keeping Callie from taking chances on love.


EXTERNAL GOAL: Save his hotel the grief of laying off a lot of hardworking employees.

EXTERNAL MOTIVATION: By keeping the Port Elizabeth hotel chain open, Blake can prove that he’s as good as his job as a hotelier as his father was.

EXTERNAL CONFLICT: If Blake can’t woo an investor to help float the hotel, then he’ll have no choice but to play tough boss and start layoffs.

INTERNAL GOAL: Keep his heart from being hurt again, as he moves on from a broken marriage and a difficult, but necessary divorce.

INTERNAL MOTIVATION: He had his mother walk out on him, so he knows how easy it is to not be able to control someone else’s decision. He couldn’t keep someone from leaving him.

INTERNAL CONFLICT: By holding onto his past, he’s still holding onto the hurt and that’s keeping him from being truly happy.


This is, of course, my interpretation of this novel. I’m not sure if this aligns with author Therese Beharrie’s own idea of her work. But I do so love breaking down GMCs for category romance. It helps when I’m writing my WIP for Harlequin, rolling up my sleeves to do those deep revisions. 🙂

Once again, if you’re interested in writing too, check out these posts at Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write blog has great posts about internal v.s. external conflicts: here and here. They’re absolutely worth a peek… or your bookmarking them!



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